Our team

The Gig Academy was founded by Lawrence Fagan and David Sanchez,
both career independent consultants.

Lawrence and David have assembled a global team of Gig Academy Masters (GAMs), who bring decades of independent professional experience across a diverse range of industries, functions, geographies and situations.

We emphasize a team approach to mentoring: we’ve seen pretty much everything, whether you are just starting out and looking to land your first gig or have years of experience and are seeking greater depth or breadth in your offering.

No matter which GAM you work with, he or she can bring to bear the full knowledge and experience of the full GAM team on your specific challenge.


P. Lawrence Fagan


I inspire professionals to connect to the “why”
of what they do and to create their careers as their own
powerful self-expression. Gig Academy is based
on my 25 years of experience as an independent professional
in strategy and education.

David Sanchez


I help people successfully transition to
and master independence. Gig Academy is based on my 20 years of experience as an independent professional.
I am also the co-founder of two privately-held firms
focused on the Gig Economy.


The Gig Academy team really helped me to get up to speed quickly. Without the support of their team, it would have taken me a lot longer to win contracts and, thanks to them, I am now making a living doing what I love doing, without all the internal politics that goes with working in a large company.

Peter L.

When I started thinking about independence two years ago, I wasn’t quite sure if I could do it or how to begin. The GAMs from the Gig Academy put me on a clear path that helped to make my transition a success. If you are thinking of becoming independent, this is an investment worth making.

Joao L.

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Self-assessment to see your degree
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Playbook with a structured
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An initial mentoring session with
a Gig Academy Master (GAM), with the
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